5 Reasons why you shouldn't skip breakfast


Some people skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight, some others skip breakfast due to busy morning activities like preparation for work or school. Either ways skipping breakfast is not a good idea. It can be very detrimental to health on the long run
why you shouldn't skip breakfast

What happens after you skip your breakfast

Here are some important reasons why you shouldn't skip breakfast.
Breakfast provides the body and brain with energy after an overnight fast of up to 10hours. That's where it's name originates,breaking the fast! Imagine trying to start your car in the morning without petrol. Without breakfast you're actually running your body on empty " petrol".

If you're trying to lose weight,keep in mind that skipping breakfast will cause your body to " preserve" fat because it thinks food is scarce. Breakfast skippers tends to eat more food than usual at the next meal, hence their body adds up more fat than necessary hence you will find it difficult losing weight.

You need to eat breakfast each day to perform at your best at work or school. Skipping breakfast makes you irritable and tired during work hours. It makes you lose concentration and become less productive.
Eating a wholesome breakfast can help you manage Type 2 diabetes. Irregular eating can make your blood sugar levels rise or fall in between normal blood sugar levels and high blood sugar level. Regular and well balanced breakfast is key to maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

Tip: "If your breakfast is delayed and you're worried about low blood sugar due to the medication you take, eating a snack with about 15g of carbohydrates is advisable. If you're at a risk of having hypoglycemia often,carrying one or two portion of snack would help".
A sumptuous breakfast

More importantly for kids and teens. Children who eat breakfast regularly, have more energy,are more receptive to learning at school, and are more healthier. Studies have shown that kids and teens needs breakfast and wholesome diet more. Their growing bodies and brain need a good breakfast for proper functioning. Preparing a good breakfast can be quick and easy as preparing a healthy smoothie or pouring some milk over cereal. If you are too busy you could consider enrolling your kids in a school breakfast program or preparing their breakfast in the night so they could eat while on the way to school.

So do you now understand why breakfast is important? Eat a healthy breakfast to lose weight,stay healthy and productive all day.

If you complain about stomach upset after breakfast. It is advisable you switch your breakfast. It is advisable you switch your breakfast to morning tea, or grab a mid-morning snack.
Some quick breakfast ideas.

  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Fruits
  • Low fat milk in whole grain cereal
  • Porridge.


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