Top Working Tips To Protect your Back While You Work

Tips to protect your back while at work.
High prevalence of musculoskeletal complaints have been described in various health professional and back pain has been recognized as one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders experienced as occupational problems among workers.
how to avoid back pain at work
A Back Pain Patient

 Studies have pointed at various factors
, manual handling, frequent twisting and bending, forceful movements awkward working position as major causes of back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

One of the key ways to having a healthy back is understanding that most back injuries are the are the results of the many months or even years of poor posture,loss of flexibility,stressful living and working habits and a general lack of physical fitness.

The back acts as a fulcrum which supports the weight of the body as well as the load. The back operates at a 10:1 ratio with it's fulcrum point. This means that when bending at the waists without a load, the forces acting on the lower spine are more than 450kg of pressure.

It's therefore important that we are conscious of the way we lift objects at work, posture, and working habits.
Here are some pieces of advice on the safe ways to lift objects in order that our backs are protected and we don't end up becoming back pain patients.

Before lifting anything, think about the lift. Don't hesitate to ask for help in case you need. twist
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Keep your knees bent and tense your stomach muscles as you start to lift.
Keep your back straight and your chin up. It is better to hug the load to your body.
Allow your legs and arms to do the work of lifting.

Always step in the direction you are moving the load. Never twist your feet in place.
Make sure the part on which you are moving the load is clear and have a safe place to set the load down.

When lifting from a height above your head, you need to get as close to the load as possible by using  a ladder or something similar. Check the weight of the load by pushing it up before lifting. Lifting from a height above the shoulder can be hazardous.

When embarking on team lifting, it is advisable that one person makes a command to direct the team so that all lift together using basic lifting techniques.

Another important posture that most people neglect is the way we stand.  After prolonged standing in one position,it is impossible to keep the lower back(hips) from sagging forward. This results in strain and accounts for many back pain sometimes lumbago.

It is ideal that one of the hips must be flexed, and this can be achieved  by placing a foot on a stool or a step. So long as  one or both are flexed, the lower back does not tend to strain forward.

In addition to safe work and avoidance of occupational strains, it's important  for everyone to strengthen his/her back, limbs(especially the lower limbs) and abdominal muscles for better support of the spine because it has been established that poor physical condition and weak muscles are among the leading  causes of back pain.

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